Each of the manufacturers represented by Sculptural Spaces offers a variety of solutions to meet your client’s specific needs. All our vendors provide high-quality solutions and can customize their products to meet your needs.

Our goal is to provide a variety of products that together create spaces that are productive, enjoyable, and dynamic.

AB&D Furniture

Standard and Custom Laminate and Wood Solutions

AB&D provides a variety of solutions for the higher education, healthcare, corporate, and hospitality markets, all produced with the highest degree of environmental standards in the industry.

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Making Business Easy

Agility is a company built to quickly respond to the ever-changing business needs of customers. Through experience, ingenuity, and innovation, Agility provides results that achieve more with less: human-centric solutions that make common sense.

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AIS is the leader in well designed, affordable office furniture. AIS’s dynamic solutions include panel systems, beam-based solutions, desking and benching, private office furniture, seating, storage, height adjustable tables and conferencing, and work tool accessories. All are made with care in the USA and shipped and installed with speed and efficiency.

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Akouo Acoustics

Akouo Acoustics helps clients to fine-tune their workspaces, lecture halls, assembly rooms, and performance venues with stunningly beautiful and cost-effective acoustic products and consulting expertise.

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