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Tim Evans

Equilibrium, 2020

Equilibrium is a commentary on the need to strike a balance between technology and nature in a postmodern society. The stacked metal cubes indicate that advances in technology bring us to new heights. The wooden bands represent the natural world. The metal to wood ratio indicates that the human connection to the natural work is being marginalized. The yellow line represents the hope that humanity can strike a balance between advances in technology advance and being more connected to nature. The broken line means this is still a work in progress. The opposing images (spaceship and bomb) are reminders that progress brings both possibilities as well as destruction.

Aluminum sheets bent over a wooden frame. Shou Sugi Ban technique to create wooden bands and applied with a blue dye.

About the Artist
Tim Evans is a Boston area-based artist.  He is a mixed media painter, sculpture, and furniture maker who is known for producing work with messaging or social commentary. The use of unconventional materials and techniques dominate his pieces. Tim works are displayed extensively in galleries and artists' collaboratives across New England. 

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